About Us

David BussIn the business for more than twenty-five years

For more than twenty‐five years, David has been an innovator and has possessed hands on experience within the flooring industry, both commercial and residential. His ability to demonstrate creative strength within this industry has earned him the certifications in carpet, hardwood, laminate flooring inspections and concrete moisture testing.

David’s experience with personnel and his highly respected leadership style has enabled him to develop multiple climates providing motivation, participation and opportunities for leadership initiatives in others.

David has addressed multiple needs within large facilities including motels, office buildings, large commercial facilities as well as expensive homes. He has earned the trust and confidence of hundreds of clients both local and within the city. David’s innate ability to identify, analyze and solve complex flooring problems and issues. David’s ability to effectively translate problems into practical solutions has earned him memberships in both the New England Institute of restoration and Cleaning and the World Floor Covering Association. Because David fosters a curiosity for innovative possibilities, retailers rely on him when consulting within narrow fields of expertise such as correction, construction, installation and the many varied issues concerning flooring. David is frequently called upon by National Inspection Agencies across the U.S.

Cleaning carpet since 1985

We started our cleaning business in 1983 and quickly morphed into a carpet and upholstery cleaning business by 1985 (The Clean Team). We built our first rug cleaning plant in 1986 for Oriental and area rug cleaning. Over time we discovered our intuitive skills and enjoyed the problem solving side of the industry. As a theoretically minded organization, we take pride in our “exacting” approach to flooring problem-solving. TCT quickly gained a reputation not only concerning training our technicians at our own facility, but we also began to receive calls from other firms for consultation and advice on hard to solve issues surrounding flooring problems and for consultation and advice on hard-to-solve issues surrounding carpet staining, fiber and other oddities. TCT soon became a resource for retailers and developed a working relationship with many local companies. It wasn’t long before we began using our skill-set in the area of carpet, wood and concrete inspection and consulting and New England Carpet Inspection was born (NECI).

NECI has a passion for forensic investigation of problems surrounding the impossible as well as determining creative solutions. We persevere in satisfying our client’s needs and resolving issues in cost effective ways resulting in fairness to all. Our experience through field service backed by the best education the industry has to offer creates demand for our exceptional services!

We do things right the first time

We pride ourselves in old fashioned values like returning phone calls, showing up and doing the job right. We didn’t know there was an alternitive.