Carpet Inspection

Potential Problems with Carpet

carpet inspectionsThe need continues to exist for qualified, professional inspectors. Current and past carpet production has created the demand for knowledgeable individuals to inspect and consult to the floor covering industry and to provide assistance in the resolution of claims. At no time in this industry’s history has the unbiased third party person with knowledge and a proven track record in the carpet industry been in more demand.

We at NECI pride ourselves in being unique, inquisitive people that continue to develop both standard and unusual talents concerning flooring inspections. We look at carpet differently than a manufacturer, dealer, installer, cleaner and others in this industry. Our profession is to look at a carpet or other floor covering to determine if the product is performing normally, and if not, who or what has caused the problem.

Personnel at NECI make their assessments by using established and excepted industry standards, and in the absence of these standards, we are able to use our knowledge and experience as a guide in reaching an honest, fair and reasonable conclusion. We do not allow our emotions, greed or feelings get in the way of performing an inspection.

We are individuals who maintain a nonbiased position, searching out and presenting factual information that can be backed up in court. NECI is the “eyes and ears” of the carpet industry, reporting what is seen and heard. It is important to us to be better listeners than talking too much to gain information to help discern the source of the claim. Both peers and clients have found us to be motivated self-starters who are punctual and complete an inspection and report submitting in a timely manner.

NECI is the provider for professional, qualified, experienced carpet inspection. A call or email to us will resolve your claim issues.


“Having accompanied David Buss on several carpet and concrete flooring inspections, based on my 44 years of experience servicing virtually every aspect of the carpet and hard surface flooring industries, I believe that David’s technical knowledge, professionalism and character in dealing with solving industry related issues to be a very high quality level of expertise.

In my opinion, a strong recommendation is due for his services to all concerned parties in need of appropriate solutions connected with floor coverings and sub-floor issues.”

– George Lapides, Owner, Carpet Advisory Services


Carpet Maintenance

Maintenance or cleaning of the carpet is the most important process that can be employed to keep the carpet’s appearance as like new as is possible. This assures the consumer a full life expectancy of their purchase whether commercial or residential. Carpet purchase and installation is expensive and can cost a great deal of money. You can save yourself future expenses with proper care.