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Twood flooringhese are all wonderful flooring products that can enhance your home or business’ décor and ambiance. Today’s selections for these can leave a person overwhelmed when shopping for a new floor. Selecting the right wood flooring for your home or business does depend on the correct product for the environment it is being installed in. Being sure of the correct flooring application can help avoid wood flooring from becoming problematic. It is important to understand wood flooring’s performance and behavior in relationship to moisture.

Here in New England we experience large differences in temperature and humidity, both of which can determine a wood floor’s seasonal appearances. It is important that the installation procedure has taken these climate swings into account. Only certain types of wood flooring can be installed over a concrete sub-floor and even then can require special moisture retarders or mitigation systems. Moisture is a large part of the reason for how wood behaves and not knowing how much moisture the flooring will be in contact with can result in cupping, bowing, cracks and buckling.

Sub-floors and substrates must be flat and level according to manufacturer and certified association’s specifications. Some wood flooring requires wood underlayment and/or foam membranes. Concrete sub-floors must be flat and dry according to industry standards. All of these aspects taken into consideration and planned for will help produce a wood floor that will meet your expectations and perform for a lifetime. Our training, certifications and experience can provide you the consulting you may need to select the proper flooring for your space.

Prevention of flooring problems is the key to a successful installation and lifetime performance. Inspecting the floor and finding the cause and effect of the flooring problem after the floor has been installed is the nature of our business. Mill defects, moisture problems, installation issues and the maintenance of the flooring are all areas that can affect your floor and how it behaves. As with all our inspections, you receive a concise, detailed report of our findings stating the cause of the condition. A call to us will help you with the problem you may be experiencing. More importantly, a call to us will prevent any future issues with your floor’s performance.


“Having known David Buss for 10 years, I can say he demonstrates an exceptional mastery of professional skills within the carpet and flooring industry. His innate ability to develop cohesive solutions to tough problems is paramount. David displays a sense of extreme dedication to detail with a strong sense of conviction and integrity to whatever his hands might touch.

I highly recommend his outstanding abilities to all who may require his service.”

– Steven Sisler CPBA, CPVA, Owner, The Behavioral Resource group Inc.


We guarantee our moisture results

All testing must be done in strict accordance with ASTM Standards and Procedures to be correct. There can never be a “good enough” or “close enough” attitude in this process. NECI guarantees our test results meets industry standards or your money back.